What is Virtual Office?

A Virtual Office, particularly in Manila, emerges as a flexible and modern workspace solution, transcending physical boundaries. It furnishes businesses with a professional address, communication services, and administrative support, all without the necessity of a traditional physical office space. This innovative concept enables individuals and companies to establish a credible business presence, work remotely, and maintain operational efficiency.

Manila Coworking
Virtual Offices:

Experience the optimal way to kickstart your business journey with Manila Coworking Virtual Offices. Our virtual office solutions offer a seamless and hassle-free approach to establishing your business presence.

Unlock the advantages of a virtual office that provides all the perks of a physical office without the associated expenses. Benefit from a prestigious business address and professional receptionist services that will undoubtedly elevate your business image. By choosing our affordable virtual office packages, you can concentrate on the growth and success of your business while maintaining a strong and credible presence in Manila


Affordable packages offered



Experience business simplicity with Virtual Office Lite at Manila Coworking. Our affordable virtual office package in Manila offers key services: seamless business registration, a prestigious business address,

Inclusions :

  • Use of Business Registration ​
  • Use of Business Address
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VO Lite inclusion :

  • Mail Handling 
  • Receptionist Service 



Upgrade your virtual office experience with V.O. Gold at Manila Coworking. Enjoy perks like a top-notch business address for website and social media, easy business registration and more. A affordable virtual office package designed for you business success.

Inclusions :

  • Use of Business Address for website/ social media
  • Business Registration
  • Mail Handling
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Va Office Gold

  • LIVE Receptionist Services
  • Telephone Handling

Why Manila Coworking
is best for Virtual Office

We at Manila Co stands out as the best choice for your business needs. Our seamless and affordable solutions redefine the workspace, providing a prestigious business address, professional receptionist services, and efficient mail handling. With a commitment to practical affordability and a strong presence in Manila, we ensure your business thrives. Elevate your professional image and enjoy flexibility with our comprehensive virtual office packages, setting us apart as the optimal partner for your business success in Manila.

Affordable Virtual offices in Manila

for modern entrepreneurs.

Price Plans V.O LITE V.O GOLD
Use of Business Registration
Use of Business Address
Mail handling
Receptionist Services
Telephone Handling X